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Food Review: Caffe Piansa

Caffe Piansa opened its first ever prison-themed restaurant and has had customers queuing to experience life as an inmate. In my opinion, the appeal of outlandish restaurants lies in our penchant for escapism. So, much like travelers on vacation, my friends and I embraced the full Caffe Piansa experience. It was fun, until the food… Continue reading Food Review: Caffe Piansa

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Featured: Tweedle Book Cafe

Hidden in the depths of Scout Grandia in Tomas Morato is a quaint cafe that is filled with books and curiosities. It is apparent that the owner of Tweedle Book Cafe has good taste, from the books that she carries (Austen to Tolkien), the comics, the coffee, pastries, wine, and whisky. You can see that… Continue reading Featured: Tweedle Book Cafe