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{New} Kumori Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese

The smells of freshly-baked pastries are a welcomed greeting when entering Kumori Japanese Bakery. It's basically melted butter meets warm filling, with a touch of coffee from the espresso machine. Mmmm... Perfection. Today, I finally tried the new Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese and boy it was good! The taste is creamy and light but also… Continue reading {New} Kumori Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese

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{New} Amici: A Taste of Italy by Chef Paolo

Everybody loves pizza so it's no surprise there are an abundance of great pizzerias all across the city. From all meat to supreme, I'm happy to inform you that Amici is home to plenty of flavorsome pizza. Expectations are predictably high when you're the Executive Chef of a beloved restaurant that has withstood the test… Continue reading {New} Amici: A Taste of Italy by Chef Paolo

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{New} Shakey’s Cali Kani Pizza

By now, we all know that food mash-ups are all the rage, especially if they involve Pizza. It's no surprise that Shakey's Pizza loves experimenting with new ingredients and flavours so much that they have created a limited-edition pizza that will surely delight California Roll lovers. Introducing, the Cali Kani Pizza. According to Shakey's Philippines'… Continue reading {New} Shakey’s Cali Kani Pizza

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{New} Faburrito’s Grilled Chicken Burrito

Don't you just love it when you can eat your favourite food over and over again without ever feeling guilty? I know it makes me a lucky gal when I discovered Faburrito's Grilled ChickenΒ Burrito. It's like your fast food burrito, but WAY better. Many worry that eating burrito leads to calorie overload but not when… Continue reading {New} Faburrito’s Grilled Chicken Burrito

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{New} Crystal Jade Dining IN Chef’s Recommendation

Someone recently asked me what's my favourite thing to eat. Well, that's a bit of a loaded question, don't you think? It's kind of like inquiring about the best song of all time, forcing you to choose between the beautifully-layered harmonies of Queen's Bohemian RhapsodyΒ and Nina Simone's smooth jazz-y song,Β Feeling Good. With so many delicious… Continue reading {New} Crystal Jade Dining IN Chef’s Recommendation

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{New} Kumori Salted Cheese Yakigashi

Once again, my favourite Japanese bakery, Kumori, brings us a new treat that you will surely love - the Salted Cheese Yakigashi. This butter pound cake is moist and rich, feels like summer, and tastes incredible under a thick layer of premium Parmesan cheese. You bring some of these delicious treats to your next potluck/party… Continue reading {New} Kumori Salted Cheese Yakigashi

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Salvatore Cuomo Anniversary Special Lunch Buffet

For me, what I love most about buffets is not just the freedom I have to savour as much good food as I can, but also the moment of mindless and passionate indulgence in the selection of good food that befall my eyes. This is especially gratifying when the buffet spread belongs to one of… Continue reading Salvatore Cuomo Anniversary Special Lunch Buffet