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{Recipe} *Cheater* Mapo Tofu

In my own little non-traditional corner of the world, dishes are made with whatever ingredients I have in the pantry (and/or whatever ingredients my family and I will eat) and whatever I have to add to make it taste good. This recipe for Mapo Tofu is simple to make, less spicy than the Sichuan-style Mapo… Continue reading {Recipe} *Cheater* Mapo Tofu

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Featured: Templó Modern Szechuan Fusion Restaurant

For regional and authentic Chinese food, locals usually head to Binondo Chinatown, where nearly every restaurant promises an incredibly flavorsome, inexpensive menu. Similarly, Banawe has a long lineage of Chinese restaurants, offering everything from traditional dishes to fusion and experimental food. Last week, my friends and I discovered Templo: a hidden gem tucked almost out… Continue reading Featured: Templó Modern Szechuan Fusion Restaurant

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{New} Crystal Jade Dining IN Chef’s Recommendation

Someone recently asked me what's my favourite thing to eat. Well, that's a bit of a loaded question, don't you think? It's kind of like inquiring about the best song of all time, forcing you to choose between the beautifully-layered harmonies of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Nina Simone's smooth jazz-y song, Feeling Good. With so many delicious… Continue reading {New} Crystal Jade Dining IN Chef’s Recommendation

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Featured: Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

For years following its arrival in Manila, Milk Tea was like a cult favorite and tea shops have popped up all over the Metro. The recent opening of Macao Imperial Tea Philippines suggests that this drink is not just your average chilled tea with tapioca pearls. The brand takes pride in giving its customers a… Continue reading Featured: Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

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{New} Crystal Jade Dragon Boat Festival Set Menu

Crystal Jade celebrates Dragon Boat Festival this May and June with sparkling sets of refined Chinese cuisine and 3 new Ma’Chang flavours! Introducing two new masterpieces to celebrate the Dragonboat Festival: Double-boiled Chicken with Wonton and Steamed Stuffed Scallops with Black Bean  Sauce. All set menu comes with your favorite Sticky Rice Dumpling (Ma'chang) plus a complimentary… Continue reading {New} Crystal Jade Dragon Boat Festival Set Menu

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Featured: Paradise Dynasty at S Maison, Conrad Hotel

When you're in need of comfort, few dishes hit the spot quite like Chinese Food. With dozens, and oftentimes hundreds, of options available, there's a lot of good Chinese food specialties to discover. Award-winning Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, hearty La Mian with Sliced Pork Noodle Soup, and savoury Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy are… Continue reading Featured: Paradise Dynasty at S Maison, Conrad Hotel

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{New} Crystal Jade Dining IN’s Holiday Menu

Plenty of Chinese restaurants boast big menus, but Crystal Jade Dining IN's is truly expansive, with lots (probably hundreds) of options to choose from. That might sound intimidating, but the names are familiar enough that you should have a good idea what you are getting. They recently put together a new Holiday Set Menu which… Continue reading {New} Crystal Jade Dining IN’s Holiday Menu