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{Recipe} *Cheater* Mapo Tofu

In my own little non-traditional corner of the world, dishes are made with whatever ingredients I have in the pantry (and/or whatever ingredients my family and I will eat) and whatever I have to add to make it taste good. This recipe for Mapo Tofu is simple to make, less spicy than the Sichuan-style Mapo… Continue reading {Recipe} *Cheater* Mapo Tofu

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{New} Kumori Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese

The smells of freshly-baked pastries are a welcomed greeting when entering Kumori Japanese Bakery. It's basically melted butter meets warm filling, with a touch of coffee from the espresso machine. Mmmm... Perfection. Today, I finally tried the new Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese and boy it was good! The taste is creamy and light but also… Continue reading {New} Kumori Earl Grey Hanjuku Cheese

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{New} Amici: A Taste of Italy by Chef Paolo

Everybody loves pizza so it's no surprise there are an abundance of great pizzerias all across the city. From all meat to supreme, I'm happy to inform you that Amici is home to plenty of flavorsome pizza. Expectations are predictably high when you're the Executive Chef of a beloved restaurant that has withstood the test… Continue reading {New} Amici: A Taste of Italy by Chef Paolo

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Featured: En Tirage

If you're in the mood for modern fusion-cooking, head to En Tirage--a quaint restaurant inside the Mandala Park that offers a terrific 'Unlimited Wine' promo, delicious all-day full breakfast, and refined small plates. The signature menu includes unbeatable Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings, and hearty Paellas--Paella Valenciana… Continue reading Featured: En Tirage

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Featured: Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato

This family-owned gelato shop is the stuff dreams are made of. From the same group that brought us Amici, Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato has several locations throughout the Metro. This shop offers tremendous flavour combos that satisfy sweet, savoury, and salty tastes. The offerings rotate, so every visit is different. There's a variety of… Continue reading Featured: Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato

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Featured: Four Seasons Buffet & Hot Pot

As the temperature begins to drop, foodies will flock to their local hot pot restaurant to keep warm by a giant simmering pot of delicious broth. One of the most talked-about hot pot spots in Manila, Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot is famous for stepping outside of the box and experimenting with an array of… Continue reading Featured: Four Seasons Buffet & Hot Pot

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Featured: Templó Modern Szechuan Fusion Restaurant

For regional and authentic Chinese food, locals usually head to Binondo Chinatown, where nearly every restaurant promises an incredibly flavorsome, inexpensive menu. Similarly, Banawe has a long lineage of Chinese restaurants, offering everything from traditional dishes to fusion and experimental food. Last week, my friends and I discovered Templo: a hidden gem tucked almost out… Continue reading Featured: Templó Modern Szechuan Fusion Restaurant