Feature: Serenitea

I love boba milk tea and if you can’t already tell from my numerous Instagram posts, Serenitea is one of favourite milk tea places in Manila.

I enjoy going to Serenitea for many reasons but one thing I truly appreiate about this place is that they give customers full control of their bubble tea, allowing them to specify their desired ice level and sweetness percentage. (Fair warning: I find 50 percent plenty sweet, and I am not sugar shy.)

Also, the beverage menu here is epic in its scope; I suggest to keep it simple and try a refreshing Wintermelon Milk Tea with tapioca pearl (boba) or crystal, or lean a bit more exotic and go for an Uji Matcha Pyramid Slush, a mildly sweet drink with a smoothie-like consistency.


Though I wish some of the menu options were explained a bit more thoroughly, sometimes it pays to take a chance, as was the case with the signature Nagasaki Milk Tea, which turned out to be a super creamy, faintly floral tea with a generous helping of perfectly textured boba.


Many of the drinks here are available cold or hot; on a chilly day, the hot Jasmine Milk Tea—a mildly-sweet milk tea served over semi-firm strips of herbaceous grass jelly—is delightful and warming. If you’re not into milky teas, try the Fruit Teas, Espresso-based, and/or the Chocolate drinks. I recommend the Milo Dinosaur-a rich malty chocolate-flavoured iced beverage topped with Milo powder!

Serenitea attracts a youthful crowd that comes for the boba milk tea along with an array of delicious snacks ranging from fried squid balls to salt and pepper chicken chops, and my personal favourite, the Thai Chicken delight–breaded whole chicken breast, fried and topped with chili, garlic, Thai basil, and other spices–crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, a little salty, spicy, and everything you would want in a savoury chicken snack.

Thai Chicken Delight

This cute little tea shop is located in Greenbelt 3 and great for a casual date or meeting up with friends. So next time you’re in the mood for boba, go ahead and get one from Serenitea. And I wouldn’t discourage you from pairing your boba tea with some of their tasty snacks. Just be sure to bring some cash because it’s cash-only here.

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