Food Review: Kko Kko

Yet another unassuming Korean restaurant littered along Sapphire Road, Kko Kko’s interior is cozy and inviting with warm hues. The ban chan (side dishes), especially the Kimchi, was delicious, I think we asked for a refill of it three times over.

Kko Kko serves up enormous Chicken Wings with extra-thin, super crisp skin, the trademark of Korean-style wings. But, we didn’t go to Kko Kko for their wings. We actually got their famous Chicken Cheese Fondue.

Snapseed (48)
Chicken Cheese Fondue

There was melted cheese in a bread bowl for cheese fondue and it was intended to be used as a dip for the Boneless Chicken chunks, Onion Rings, and Spicy French Fries. The concept often seems impossible to the uninitiated, but I am a firm believer that everything tastes better with cheese (e.g. cheese in your burger; cheese in your ramen).

There’s a lot of different textures and flavours within the dish; The chicken is extremely tasty and comforting. The cheese provides a filling, salty base for the slightly sweet and spicy Yang Nyum sauce. We also tried the Boneless Cheesy Melt. While the Yang Nyum is also delicious, get yours tossed in the Soy Garlic sauce option.

Snapseed (50)
Boneless Cheesy Melt

What really surprised me pleasantly is how fast the food is served, the waiting time is negligible and both my friend and I literally stared at each other in disbelief for a good 10 seconds. The ventilation is not the best, do expect to leave smelling like a “french fry” but the staff there is extremely helpful and warm. Excellent value for money and away from crowds at other all-you-can-eat Korean joints.

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