{New} Shakey’s Cali Kani Pizza

By now, we all know that food mash-ups are all the rage, especially if they involve Pizza. It’s no surprise that Shakey’s Pizza loves experimenting with new ingredients and flavours so much that they have created a limited-edition pizza that will surely delight California Roll lovers. Introducing, the Cali Kani Pizza.

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According to Shakey’s Philippines‘ website, the new Cali Kani Pizza is loaded with premium strips of Kani, Cucumber, Peaches, Fish Roe, Nori, and drizzled with Sesame Dressing.

Shakey’s PH recently posted a photo of their newest pizza creation on Facebook, and it certainly piqued my interest. Of course, I had to try it.

I’m giving you 3 Reasons to try the new Cali Kani Pizza:

1. Though Shakey’s PH doesn’t explicitly tell us how long the new hybrid pizza will be on the menu, the company is sure to point out “theyโ€™re only available for a limited time.” Stop trying to guess how it will taste. This flavour-combination is not going to be here forever and trust me, it will go FAST.

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2. The Limited Edition Cali Kani Pizza is huge for me because I’ve never been offered a pizza topped with Kani Strips and Nori before. This pizza has all of the things you love most about a California Roll (Maki)ย plus a generous drizzle of Sesame Dressing. That’s reason enough, I think.

3. Please, I know you want it so don’t act coy. I know you were hankering for a hybrid pizza and Shakey’s PH heard your cries. Picture it right this moment: Shakey’s signature thin-crust pizza topped with delicious Kani and Nori strips, fresh cucumber, luscious peaches, fish roe, and savoury Sesame Dressing. You can hear the satisfying crunch of the crust as you bite into it. Can you taste it? I can almost guarantee that it tastes so much more delicious than you can possibly imagine. Soโ€ฆwhat are you waiting for?

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And while you’re at it, don’t miss the spiced Chicken ‘n’ Mojos just ’cause. ๐Ÿ™‚

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