Food Review: El Cangrejo Unlimited Crab + Steak Promo

Finally made it to El Cangrejo after much anticipation. This is one of the recommended places to eat crabs/seafood in Quezon City according to Spot so I was pretty psyched to check it out.

My friends and I had already studied the menu beforehand and we decided to get the AYCE Crabs + Steak for P899*/person. Our meal started with a bowl of Pumpkin Soup. I thought it was alright; Not the best I’ve had and wished it was creamier.

Pumpkin Soup

When the steak came out, I was disappointed at first. It didn’t look thick enough to be a juicy cut of steak. The thickness was about 2/3s of an inch but it was seasoned so well and was grilled to perfection. I enjoyed it a lot and even asked for refills.

Australian Steak with mixed Vegetables

Now the crabs… We had the steamed crabs tossed in garlic butter (it tasted more like margarine than butter, imo) sauce and it was good. Not the out-of-this-world kind of good, but it was decent enough to satisfy my seafood cravings.

Mud Crabs tossed in Garlic Butter Sauce

I would have been totally blown away if their crabs had some sort Cajun seasoning or spice. For me, a good seafood/crab dish has to have a good kick that eventually builds into sweat beading on the forehead. Also, I realized that shelling a crab wasn’t my forte. I think I only ate 4 pieces in total. I know, I know. It’s not the crab’s fault… it was mine. My constitution was weak. 😦

So the question remains: Is the unlimited crab and steak promo worth the hype and/or price? If you like crabs and you can shell them fast enough, I’d say it is! It’s probably not for people like me who struggled to keep the hard shell out of the meat. I may come back but probably not anytime soon.

*Prices may change without prior notice.
*Many thanks to my friend, Bryan Salvador for the cover photo.

El Cangrejo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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