Feature: BLK 513’s Signature Skim Beverages

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You probably already know BLK 513 as the store that sells the famous ‘Activated Charcoal-enhanced Frozen Yogurt’, but a closer look at their menu reveals it’s more than just a yogurt shop. There are, in fact, other interesting items on the menu waiting to be discovered. Case in point: The Signature Skim Beverages.


Last week, I finally tried their famous Signature Skim Cold BeveragesMocha Skim with Coffee Jelly and Matcha Skim drizzled with Milk Jam. The new Matcha Skim has a refined nutty flavor so delightful that it would be a shame not to include it on any green tea/Matcha-related list. It’s sweet, but not too sweet and the perfect drink to accompany their soft-baked Vegan Valrhona Cookie.

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And since a cool day in Manila is still pretty balmy, we all want something chilled and buzz-filled and BLK 513‘s Mocha Skim with Coffee Jelly definitely comes in handy for those times when you need a cold jolt. It’s my favourite of the two because it blends two flavours in one: Coffee and Chocolate. Oh yes! Win win.

More recently, the resurgence of interest in cold beverages has led to a plethora of creative preparations and these Signature Skim Beverages from BLK 513 surely hit the spot. They are also a nice deviation from the usual iced tea, fruit shake, cold brew or a blended coffee topped with whipped cream. Do try it when you visit BLK 513 and let me know what you think. 🙂

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