Food Review: Ba-Be-Q Unlimited Wagyu Promo

I had been hearing about an All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) Wagyu Beef from Ba-Be-Q Korean Restaurant so to celebrate the birthday of my friend Joey, we decided to give the ‘Unlimited Wagyu BBQ experience’ a try.

We had placed a reservation before-hand, but somehow we were never added to their list. However, that wasn’t a big issue since it was still a bit early and the restaurant wasn’t busy, so we were seated right away.

We each availed of the AYCE Wagyu Beef Promo for Php599 which came with marinated boneless chicken, beef belly, and pork belly. The side dishes (ban chan) were plentiful and they all tasted decent. Plus, you can ask for refills at no extra cost.

The Wagyu Beef had deep ‘umami’ flavour however, the quality of their Wagyu Beef was sub-par. To me, a good Wagyu Beef is characterized by an intense marbling of fat which gives it its unique buttery flavour and ultra tender texture. Ba-Be Q’s Wagyu Beef didn’t have these characteristics. This does not mean it’s bad in any way or their Wagyu Beef is a sham but in my honest opinion, it’s not as good as the Wagyu from Japan.


For me, the the marinated boneless chicken and beef belly were the best items on the menu. Food was average compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants. I wouldn’t say it’s disappointing but could this place be so much better? Absolutely! And that’s what makes me a little sad but hey, a KBBQ place that offers ‘Unlimited Wagyu’… Can’t beat that.

Overall, I do recommend you give Ba-Be-Q a try. It’s a new restaurant, so there is a lot of time to improve. Just make sure to bring a friend or two and do let me know how it goes!

Ba-Be-Q Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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