Feature: Relik Restaurant & Bar

Calamari. Fries. Onion Rings. Burger. Repeat. Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in an infinite loop where every drinking establishment has a menu that’s about as exciting as watching Paris Hilton launch a music album. Fortunately, we can always visit Relik Restaurant & Bar–or simply, Relik— whose food and drink have become a reason to visit BGC in their own right and to get our fix for great, quality, and proper ‘bar’ food.

Beyond the happy hour patrons, Relik Manila caters to the business lunch crowd and graveyard shift employees looking for post-shift meals. I’ve rounded up Relik’s signature dishes for you to explore for yourself, plus some new items thrown in for good measure:

Chorizig – A wonderful combination of Chorizo (Spanish sausages) bits and chopped pork served on a sizzling plate made flavorful by Relik’s very own ‘Chorizig mayo’ and topped with a freshly-cracked egg. I thought the smokiness of the chorizo added a lot of depth to the dish turning it into a satisfying comfort dish.


Relik’s Nachos – We can get Nachos almost everywhere but what truly sets this dish apart from other versions of Nachos are the homemade tortilla chips. These chips are super crunchy, cracker thin, sturdy, and complement the flavour of the salsa, meat sauce, and sour cream well.

Relik’s Nachos

Sticky Wings – Chicken wings done right. Simple and straightforward. Fair warning though, these wings are on the sweet side so don’t be afraid to ask the staff to tone the sweetness down if you’re not feeling it.

Sticky Wings

Salmon Seaweed Rice – One of the new items on the menu and probably the best among the rice meals. Pan-fried soy-glazed salmon served on a bed of seaweed rice and finished off with strips of nori. Seriously, how can you not love this dish? It’s filling and bursting with ‘umami’ goodness.

Salmon Seaweed Rice

Creamy Shrimp Pesto Flatbread – Yet another winning dish on the new Relik menu. Crispy in all the right ways with layers of flavour from the pesto, shrimps, tomatoes, and basil. This dish is perfect either as an appetizer or bar snack.

Creamy Shrimp Pesto Flatbread

Bacon Mac and Cheese – Really, need I say more? It doesn’t matter if your sipping margarita or chugging beer, this dish is creamy, cheesy, and rich enough to warm you up on even the coldest night.

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Aside from these, Relik’s menu offers plenty of bar snacks and bites that go hand-in-hand with drinking at the bar, including Beef Salpicao, Gambas Al Ajilio, Buffalo Chicken Skin, and BBQ Chicken Popcorn. Wash lunch/dinner down with some cocktails and craft beers, and you’ve just had yourself a satisfying meal.

With an enviable location a few blocks away from the bustling Bonifacio High Street and The Fort Strip to boot, Relik Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place for those who want to spend a night (or afternoon) with chill atmosphere, good music, and great food and drinks.

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