Feature: Paradise Dynasty at S Maison, Conrad Hotel

When you’re in need of comfort, few dishes hit the spot quite like Chinese Food. With dozens, and oftentimes hundreds, of options available, there’s a lot of good Chinese food specialties to discover.

Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy

Award-winning Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, hearty La Mian with Sliced Pork Noodle Soup, and savoury Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Conpoy are just a few of the reasons why Paradise Dynasty should be on everyone’s radar.

Poached Beef in Szechuan Chili Oil

The banquet-like dining room evokes grandeur and you’ll feast like royalty on mouthwatering dim sum bites as well as Szechuan staples such as the Poached Beef in Szechuan Chili Oil, Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken, and Sliced Beef and Tripe in Spicy Szechuan Sauce.

These dishes will set your taste buds ablaze with liberal use of chilies and peppercorns but also deliver something unique and exciting in each bite.

Sure, Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef with Broccoli, and other more popular Chinese staples are safe bets, but the real treats are these Szechuan favourites. Expand your palate with old-time recipes that include stir-fried La Mian with Shredded Pork and Black Fungus, Chilled Jellyfish and Seafood in a refreshing vinaigrette sauce, and flavorful Stir-fried Beef packed with scallions.

Stir-fried Beef with Scallions

Now, if you’re like me who happens to have a love-affair with dim sums, or if you’re a dim sum novice, make sure you do it right the first time by ordering the Signature Xiao Long Bao, Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Buns, Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Vinaigrette, and delectable Radish Pastry.

Pork Dumpling with Hot Chili Vinaigrette

To sweeten the palate, you can never go wrong with the steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates, Pan-fried Pancake with Red Bean Paste, and the Glutinous Rice Balls topped with Grated Nuts and filled with Black Sesame Paste.

Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates

In a city swamped with Chinese Restaurants, Paradise Dynasty keeps it fresh by pulling on the influences of several cuisines. Despite its reputation, Chinese cuisine is not just a greasy dining affair and the guys behind Paradise Dynasty are set out to change opinions by offering refined, modern courses that buck the trend.

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