Food Review: Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba‘s foray into Japanese fare is a reminder that the cuisine goes far beyond sushi. Handmade noodles is the name of the game here and after eating their signature dishes, you will truly notice the difference between eating regular and handmade udon/soba. The noodles are springy, chewy, and meld together beautifully with whichever flavors they are mixed with.  We had the Curry Udon, Kake Soba, and Aka Fuji Soba.

Curry Udon

Every single one of the soups was delicious with a very delicate flavor.  I have to admit the Aka Fuji Soba was my favorite as there was the great flavor of soup, the perfectly chewy soba, and the savoury strips of beef. The combination of wakame, nori, and soft boiled egg was comfort food at its best.

Aka Fuji Soba

The tempura platter (Ten Mori) was delicately and gracefully prepared with precision, and the entire experience was very memorable. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed how deep frying accentuated the freshness of the ingredients. Aside from the platter, we also tried the Curry Don and Ebi Tendon. These dishes filled up any remaining empty space in the tummy.

Ten Mori Tempura Platter

The meal was finished with a scoop of premium Green Tea Ice Cream and a cup of hot Hojicha. Both were enjoyable. Overall, this was a wonderful experience, and a worthy addition to the Bonifacio Global City dining scene.


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