{New} Yabu’s Buta Kakuni Don & Buta Korokke

I love Yabu for a handful of reasons–They have excellent customer service; Food is affordable; and they continue to innovate and deliver something new and delicious for its customers.

Recently, Yabu launched their newest Master Class Creation called ‘Buta Kakuni Don’, and my good friend KC and I were one of the lucky few to have sampled this dish for the first time.

Buta Kakuni Don

The Buta Kakuni Don had braised pork belly cubes on a bed of of Japanase Rice in Soy Sauce. The whole thing is topped with cabbage, pickled ginger, and soft-boiled egg. The Japanese Mayo provided a hint of creaminess to the dish and complemented the richness of the pork belly. Serving it in a hot stone bowl was a genius idea because the rice turns brown and crispy on the bottom, adding an element of crunch to the dish.

Buta Korokke

We also sampled the ‘Buta Korokke’. These are Japanese rice balls stuffed with chunks of pork belly in honey soy sauce and served on a bed of mayonnaise and topped with onion leeks and Teriyaki Eel sauce. This appetizer manages to be elegant and sumptuous at the same time. I loved it!

Overall, Yabu‘s new dishes satisfied my ‘meaty’ cravings. Both are filling so they make perfect lunch or dinner eats. These are available for a limited-time only so I recommend you try them out soon.

Yabu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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