Food Review: C Lounge at Conrad Manila

The ambiance at C Lounge at Conrad Manila was just perfect if you want to connect with a friend or spend some quality time with a loved one. The music wasn’t too loud, and was more soothing and calming. They offer cocktails and nibbles and during my recent visit, I was able to sample some of the new items on the menu.

Tuna Rice Bowl

I had the Pita Chips with Hummus, Prawn Tempura, Butterly Bun with Honey Barbecue Pork, Tuna Rice Bowl, Jamon Serrano and Mozzarella Toastini, Salmon Sashimi Salad, and their signature PopTails.

To be honest, the bar food was just okay. Nothing stood out or was exceptional. I thought most, if not all, of the dishes needed a flavor boost. In my opinion, if you’re going to put a hefty price tag on a Chinese Pork BBQ Bun (Php540), you have to at the very least, MEET the expectations that come along with it.

Pita Chips with Hummus

Now let’s talk about their cocktails- now these… these “PopTails” are where the money’s at. I’d absolutely go back for these! These beautifully crafted drinks were tasty and two glasses of their Aperol Pop Spritz or Tale of the Poptail are enough to get me pleasantly buzzed. These drinks were strong but not too strong, and you could definitely taste the alcohol.

Limoncello Medley

Overall, C Lounge is worth paying a visit if you’re in the area and needed some liquid relaxation after dropping cash on some retail therapy. It gives you this wonderful hotel ‘lounge(y)’ feel, without being too gimmicky.

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