Food Review: {New} Italianni’s Breakfast Dishes

I’ve eaten at Italianni’s many times but I never would have thought that they also serve great breakfast/brunch dishes. Got to try some of their new breakfast items and I greatly enjoyed them.

Our group was served with three kinds of salads: Mela Verde Salad (loaded with fresh and dried fruits), Pollo e L’uovo Salad (with shredded chicken and ham slices), and my personal favourite, Avocado e L’uovo Salad (had cripsy pancetta, avocado, parmesan and goat’s cheeses).

Whatever you choose, these are great salads that don’t skimp on the toppings and are actually large enough to have for a meal. As a pretty hungry woman, most salads don’t do too much to satisfy me but the portions here are perfect.

Their salads taste less like a mix of separate ingredients seasoned with a dressing, and more like unified dishes, despite the wide variety of ingredients that might be in any given dish. The dressings they do have, such as Balsamic Caesar and Honey Balsamic, are unique and just really tasty.

Velluto Rosso Pancake

We also sampled their Velluto Rosso Pancake (Red Velvet Pancake) topped with whipped cream, blueberries, and served with a cup of fresh mixed fruits on the side. The pancakes were presented beautifully and they looked appetizing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of this dish. The pancakes were dry and flat, not fluffy. Even with the cream, I still find the pancakes kind of bland and not chocolate-y enough.

French Toast Cannella de Crema

Another crowd favourite was the French Toast Cannella de Crema (Cinnamon French Toast drizzled with Cream Cheese). This is served with two pieces of bacon and a sunny side-up egg. The French Toast was cooked to perfection. It had great texture and flavors. The bacon was not overly salty or fried which paired deliciously with the toast.

The inside of the restaurant was very clean and modern, but also very warm and inviting at the same time. Even for carnivores like myself, I really enjoyed my brunch here. Completely happy with their new breakfast dishes and I’d recommend you check it out. Please try the French Toast and the salads. I can’t wait to be back to try more of what they have.

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