Feature: Hanuta Mini by Ferrero

I love Nutella,Β (who doesn’t?) so when a good friend gave me a pack of Hanuta Mini Wafers, I couldn’t be any happier. Hanuta is a candy wafer treat by Ferrero, the same makers of Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, and Kinder. According to WikiPedia, the name Hanuta is an acronym for Haselnusstafel, German for “Hazenut Bar”.

I was surprised to see upon opening the bag that each wafer is individually wrapped in a classy foil packaging. That makes for a nice presentation if you’re serving these to your friends after a nice lunch or dinner. Also, the foil keeps each wafer bar fresh!


What can I say about the taste? If you like Nutella, Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Wafers, you will absolutely love Hanuta!

Imagine: Pieces of hazelnut mixed in with delicious chocolate surrounded by two crisp wafers. The combination of flavours and textures will blow your mind. And for sure, if you have zero willpower, just like me, you will finish the entire bag in one sitting.

These treats are difficult to find in Manila even in specialty stores that carry imported goods but Planet Schokolat, an online Chocolate store, makes it easier for us to order Hanuta and other all-time favourite Ferrero goodies.

Planet Schokolat is a distributor of all Ferrero products in the Philippines including but not limited to, Nutella, Hanuta Minis, and Milka. The prices are reasonable and they deliver nationwide.

**Photo and styling by ReyJohn.

For orders and inquiries, you visit them on Facebook and Instagram:



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