{New} Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Pepper Ramen

Ramen has taken off in Manila and ramen junkies slurping can be heard around the city. There are a ton of different types to dive into but Tokyo Tokyo‘s new Beef Pepper Ramen is not one you should miss.

I am no ramen expert but I do know when ramen is quality. Yesterday, I treated myself to a bowl of Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Pepper Ramen, plus an order of Gyoza and California Maki to complete my meal.

Beef Pepper Ramen

Here, the Beef Pepper Ramen was made with a clear and flavorful beef broth and served with tender beef pieces. The springy ramen noodles have a nice and chewy mouth-feel and were topped with slices of cabbage, scallions, corn kernels, nori, and a soft-boiledΒ egg that breaks sunnily into the broth.

This ramen is simple, unfussy, straightforward, affordable, and delicious and I can see why it is an easy favorite for ramen lovers like myself. The portion was decent–It filled me up just enough so that I wasn’t hungry anymore although I’m used to slightly bigger portions at other ramen establishments. In any case, do try the new Beef Pepper Ramen next time you visit Tokyo Tokyo and let me know what you think.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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