Food Review: Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Krispy Chicken

My friend Joey swears by Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Krispy Chicken (yes, spelled with a K not C) and raves for their Fried Chicken for as long as I can remember; So when she invited us over for dinner, I couldn’t be more excited. The menu is very simple. Chicken with sides, or chicken with Spaghetti – Okay, maybe not that simple, but you get the idea.

Each of us ordered the Chicken Platter that comes with 2 pieces Krispy Fried Chicken, steamed rice and their old-fashioned gravy. I decided to get the dark and white meat chicken pieces just because. The seasoning was balanced, the meat was moist and juicy, and the chicken skin was super crispy.

Old-Fashioned Krispy Fried Chicken

We also had Corn Bread and Coleslaw on the side. Both are good but I personally prefer the Corn Bread. The food came out pretty quickly and I really enjoyed the simplicity of the Fried Chicken.

Corn Bread

Inside is a little cozy; There aren’t too many seats but there are a few tables outside as well. It’s definitely worth your time to stop by and try Tom Sawyer’s Fried Chicken. And yes, I am now officially a fan.

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