{New} Ippudo Hakata-Style Nikusoba Ramen

There’s a reason why Ippudo Ramen has high ratings. The rave reviews… they are not kidding! Ippudo truly is one of the best ramen places in the Metro. From the moment you enter the door to the exit…it’s quite an experience. You can tell a lot of planning and care is taken into customer service here.
New! Hakata-Style Nikusoba Ramen
 On this visit, we tried Ippudo’s newest item on the menu–The Hakata Style Nikusoba Ramen with thinly-sliced Pork Belly. The noodles were good, curly, and had nice texture. The broth was well seasoned. It had a nice sweet and savoury taste. The pork belly slices were generous and give a nice, deep ‘umami’ taste to the ramen. And of course, the poached onsen tamago (egg) was a perfect addition.
Wagyu Maki Onigiri

Now, if you have a love affair with rice, just like me, you can actually pair the Hakata Style Nikusoba Ramen with a bowl of steamed rice! If that’s not enough, do try the Wagyu Maki Onigiri–sliced Wagyu rolled into a Japanese rice ball and the glazed with Yakiniku sauce. I know what you’re thinking but I promise you it’s well-worth the extra calories!

As always, I had a good experience and enjoyed my bowl of ramen as well as the savoury ‘ramen sidekick’. Can’t wait to see what Ippudo has in store for us next!

**Many thanks to my good friend KC for inviting me.

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