Featured: Sub-Zero Artisanal Gelato

Sub-Zero Gelato is a low-key Gelato shop located in Adventure Food Park that offers a delicious selection of  hand-crafted Gelatos. Everything from the texture to the flavours are on point. They offer both fruity and sweeter flavours.

What’s great is that their flavours are super fun and unique. The texture of the Gelato is smooth, rich, and creamy. Additionally, what I really appreciate is how the Gelatos were made. According to the owners, they make their Gelatos in small batches by hand, sourcing only the best ingredients in the country.

Also, the staff are friendly and have no problem letting you try multiple samples. While their flavours are always rotating, here are some of flavours I tried and highly recommend:

New York Cheesecake – This flavour combines two of my favourite things and gives you the perfect marriage of sweet and tart.

Banoffee – I’m not normally a fan of Bananas, but this one is an exception. A blend of subtle ingredients complements the  banana flavour exquisitely.

Ube Langka – Features tropical flavours like Jackfruit that results in a perfect balance of fruity and sweet. A perfect summer flavour!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong here. Can’t wait to try other flavours when I come back. Check out Sub-Zero Gelato when you are in the area and let me know what you think.

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