Food Review: The Cook by Hongleepark

The Cook by Hongleepark is definitely not your usual Korean joint. Don’t be fooled by its name because this restaurant serves some of the tastiest pastas in town.

First off, let me say that I love the ambience of the place. It’s elegant, bright, and contemporary. I also love the simplicity of the menu having only 10 entrees with identical pricing. Everything on the menu is cooked to order to ensure freshness of flavour.

Came here with friends and tried several dishes and here are some of my favourites:

Seafood Tomato Spaghetti Pasta

The Seafood Tomato Spaghetti Pasta utterly satisfied the glands on my tongue which filled my mouth with saliva. The first bite I took was slightly dabbed with the sauce and after biting into it, I knew the second bite must be DROWNED in the sauce. The pasta was perfectly-cooked and the tomatoes added a refreshing touch to the dish. The best part is that they did not skimp out on seafood.

Pork Pilaf

I also recommend the Pork Pilaf (Rice Pilaf with Grilled Pork and vegetables on top). It’s warm and comforting and the rice grains had a slightly chewy fried exterior. If  you’re really hungry, you can also get the Pilaf and the Chicken or Pork Steak Salad.

Mango Sparkling Ade

Lastly, don’t leave this place without trying their Sparkling Ade. This light and refreshing drink is alcohol-free but could easily be a mixer for vodka or beer. It comes in four flavours–Mango, Passion Fruit, Calamansi, and Peach. (Pro tip: Get the Mango Ade! Its summery taste with a hint of citrus and mint won over our group easily!)

To be honest, having Korean and Italian on the same menu was a little bit of a surprise but the food delivered on all fronts and truly did not disappoint.

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