Feature: A’Toda Madre Tequila Bar

A’Toda Madre is the real deal for Tequila Bar in the city. It’s a pretty small space but there are enough tables and seats around the bar. The atmosphere inside makes for a nice ambience as well. From the mood lighting to the La Calavera Catrina wall art – will have you adjusting your eyes, and the punch in its drinks will close the deal.


I’ve been to numerous ‘Mexican Bar and Restaurant’–I don’t believe the food gets any better than this. Get serious about sampling the best Tacos, Burittos, and Ceviche in Manila.

Chipotle Shrimps Tostaditas

To start, you have to get the Tostaditas. Probably the best tostaditas I have ever had; Then, the soft tacos – it is incredible. I want to thank the founders of A’Toda Madre for bringing these tacos to Manila and into my life. Get the taco platter so you have more meat options. I’m also a huge fan of the Steak, Lengua, and Pollo de Chipotle Tacos. Their Ceviche also gets me excited.

If you want a heavier meal, get yourself a plate of Carnitas or Steak (con arroz) with a side of cilantro rice, frijoles, and their pico de gallo. This meal hits the spot every time. For dessert, I recommend the Mexican Chocolate Flan. A delicious yet light way to end a meal. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with the food here.

I can’t remember a single instance that I’ve been let down here. Not to mention the pricing is super reasonable for the quality of food and serving portion. Also, two words: TEQUILA FLIGHTS. We sat with one of the owners, Sante Perreras; The guy was very knowledgeable (he can tell you about every drink on the menu) and passionate about his Tequilas.

My friends and I learned a lot about Tequila instead of just chugging it down, making us really reboot the experience. Now I can say that Tequila isn’t just for shots and blacking out. It can be as fine a spirit as whisky or scotch when enjoyed correctly.

The Bar

A’Toda Madre has an extensive liquor selection, of course, very heavy on the Tequila and the Mezcal is in abundance. Make sure you’re ready and don’t be afraid to try. Sante taught us what to look for in a tequila, how to drink it, and offer a few recommendations.

I’m so happy to have discovered this place. It’s hard to find an amazing drinking spot and a good grub spot at the same time. This is definitely one of the better “hidden gems” in the Poblacion area and everything from the food, to the drinks, to the service, are all quality. LEGIT.

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