Food Review: Scout’s Honor Cookies

For the longest time, I had only tried what people had brought to me from their own trips, but this time, I was more or less determined to try and go for a few cookies myself.

S’mores, Matcha Oreo, Speculoos Cookies (Coffee, Matcha Latte, & Cheesecake not from Scout’s Honor)

After waiting in a brief line, I was able to get some freshly made Speculoos Cookie right away, as well as some Matcha Oreo, Red Velvet, Black Sesame, S’mores, and Potato Chips and Pretzel Cookie. They were really good, but, they were also extremely sweet. After I finished one, it kind of made me sleepy.

My favourites would have to be the Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chip and Pretzel Craft Cookie. Sweet of course, but after munching through it, it was also very savoury. It had a crunchy texture on the outside and a soft and gooey inside.


The cookies are a bit on the pricey side but it feels good knowing that you got a decent value out of it. You would think that cookies like these would be relatively easy to replicate, and you might be right, but to date, I’ve yet to find anyone who makes a cookie quite like this one.

Scout’s Honor Cookies satisfied my sweet tooth senses in so many ways. If you have a serious sweet tooth and you like cookies (who doesn’t?), this place is definitely worth paying a visit at Hole in The Wall.


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