Feature: Pancake House (New Breakfast Dishes)

Spicy Maple Danggit

After all these years, I’m glad that Pancake House still delivers. During my recent visit, we tried the new entrees–Cajun-spiced Pork Belly and Spicy Maple Danggit meals. Both dishes were delicious. The pork belly had a wonderful char to it and the meat was ‘fork tender’. Now I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always loved the sweet and salty combination of flavours; And the Spicy Maple Danggit just hit the spot.

Cajun-spiced Pork Belly with Mashed Potato

Also, I don’t know how you could come here and not get the Waffles. They are exactly what waffles should be – crispy on the outside, fluffy, and warm inside. The Chorizo Waffle, one of the newer items on the menu, end up being very savoury, especially with the bits of Chorizo on top of it.

We also had the Dried Mango Waffle. In my opinion, this dish completely lacked any kind of fruity, tangy flavour I was looking for in a Mango Waffle. It was my least favourite of the bunch.

To round out everything, we also had the Double Smoked Bacon (super crispy and a decent serving size for a side) and a cup of their signature hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate was actually pretty good! It’s frothy and light with an earthy quality that reminded me of the ones we used to make at home during the Holiday season.

Best Tacos in Town

In addition to the Pancakes, my Foodie friends and I also tried some of the Pancake House staples such the Spaghetti, Pan-fried Chicken, Best Tacos in Town, and Milkshakes. These are all classic, delectable dishes, and worth a trip in their own right.

In summary, we had a lovely lunch with excellent service and a very reasonable price tag for a restaurant institution. There is a reason why this restaurant has survived for so long! Pancake House offers consistently delicious food and friendly service. Unless you are a hateful soul, there is no way you won’t love Pancake House.


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