Feature: Alcohol By Volume


Unmarked, you walk down a flight of stairs and ring a doorbell to get let through the door into a time warp back into a 1920’s speakeasy. I really can’t recall the last time I went out and had no bad things to say about an establishment. Usually it’s the crowd that I don’t like, the ambience, the music, the drinks… the list is infinite. Alcohol By Volume or simply, ABV, satisfied everything on my notorious gripe list and then some.

Now that we have that out of the way. The place is really beautiful inside. Decor is gorgeous and very cozy and most importantly, it’s not pretentious or gimmicky considering it’s one of those speakeasy bars. All vintage sofas and Edison lights in a Midnight in Paris sort of way, with the furniture having just the right dusty patina touch to seem authentic. The bartenders were friendly, engaging, and attentive.

They have a pretty extensive drink menu with lots of exciting-looking choices. My girl friends and I went for the Whiskey Sour and White Lady. Both of these drinks were smooth and very well mixed. I would definitely recommend either of them, although the White Lady was sweeter and more crisp than I expected.


The atmosphere is definitely much more low key than many of the other cocktail bars in the Metro. Great place for a quieter night or a date if you’re inclined. Did I mention the drinks were amazing?

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