Food Review: Caffe Piansa

Caffe Piansa opened its first ever prison-themed restaurant and has had customers queuing to experience life as an inmate. In my opinion, the appeal of outlandish restaurants lies in our penchant for escapism. So, much like travelers on vacation, my friends and I embraced the full Caffe Piansa experience. It was fun, until the food was served.


The quality of the food was a case ofΒ hit and miss. We ordered two kinds of pizzas; The Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese) and the Sisig Pizza. The dough doesn’t hold up well. It was limp and tough to pick up a piece to eat. Also, the ingredients didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary or fresh and the cheese was not evenly distributed.

I guess people only go here for the novelty of having their photo taken while dining behind bars but the novelty kind of wears off quite quickly. My advice is,Β go here to check it off your list but if you want quality food, go somewhere else.

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