Food Review: Brooklyn’s New York Pizza

Somehow, this place totally slipped under my radar and I never knew this place existed until last week. Brooklyn’s New York Pizza is a no frills pizza place, so unassuming on the outside, but their menu screams flavour.

Let me tell you what my friends and I had during our recent visit;

Pumpkin Soup

We started our meal with a piping hot bowl of Pumpkin Soup. Brooklyn’s version was very creamy with a lovely velvety texture. A bit too sweet for my liking so my recommendation would be to serve this soup with a dollop of sour cream mixture or some grated Parmesan cheese.

The White Pizza

Both the pizza flavours we tried were delicious and I can now speak with incredible precision about cheese to sauce ratio (CSR), snag and drag, tip sag, and optimal eating temperature, among other things.

La FiliPizza

The White Pizza is a stunner! The crust is crispy yet retains a very nice chew. Their signature La FiliPizza is where the money is. This flavour definitely blindsided all of us. It’s crispy on the edges with a nice full flavorful kick of saltiness coming from the salted egg that melds so well with the cheese. Loved the sausage component and all in all just such a nice, nice slice. I would have liked just a tiny bit more tomato sauce, but other than that, everything was spot on.

Spicy Shrimp Pasta

Between the two pastas we sampled, my favorite would have to be the Spicy Shrimp. The shrimps were scattered throughout and there was a very good amount of it and had the perfect chew. I thought the sauce was absolutely delicious too. When I swirled some of the pasta from the bottom, I got a very good hit of the creamy aroma. Delicious. Just delicious.

Tinapa Pesto Pasta

I cannot say enough good things about Brooklyn New York Pizza. Prices were cheap but the pizza was delicous. If pizza isn’t your thing, they have lots of other pasta and appetizers to choose from. I highly recommend the Buffalo Wings. Simple, yet packed full of flavour and very filling.

Buffalo Wings

All in all, very good and worth a trip down to Tomas Morato. Looking forward to trying some other slices, perhaps, Pepperoni next. Make sure to stop by if you’re near the area for a quick, inexpensive, fast, and great-tasting pizza.

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