Feature: Tweedle Book Cafe


Hidden in the depths of Scout Grandia in Tomas Morato is a quaint cafe that is filled with books and curiosities.

Bar / Counter

It is apparent that the owner of Tweedle Book Cafe has good taste, from the books that she carries (Austen to Tolkien), the comics, the coffee, pastries, wine, and whisky. You can see that the products she sells are of really good quality.

Pastry Shelf

Tweedle Book Cafe is modestly-sized; They have a long cafeteria-style table in the middle, book shelves on the sides, and a wine bar in the front. The place is very cozy and the music is very soothing perfect for days when you just simply want to chill with friends, read your favourite books, or write poetry, while appreciating a good cup of Joe.

Book Shelves

My one and only complain is about the furniture. The chairs are so uncomfortable that my friends and I decided to cut our coffee chat short because we couldn’t take the torture of the hard wooden chairs. I really hope the owner would do something about that soon because I actually find the environment conducive to learning. Other than that, this is a solid place for people to imbibe, both in drinks and in knowledge.


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