Feature: Terry’s Bistro at Tuscany Estates

Terry’s Bistro is an amazing Spanish Restaurant located in the beautiful Tuscany Estates in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. I was invited here over for lunch and as a huge fan of Spanish tapas and all other Spanish food, I fell in love as soon as I stepped into the door.


The store has two sections, one is a wine store and the other is for imported food and kitchen cookwares. The wine store has a nice collection and the workers are very helpful in picking a wine. The other half of the store is my favorite of the two. They have walls upon walls of various olive oils, crackers, paella rice, cheeses, chocolates, and Spanish snacks. They aren’t cheap products, but the quality is impeccable.

The second floor operates as a casual dining restaurant that serves authentic Spanish fares, small tapas, pinchos, pica-picas, sandwiches, and desserts. We sampled a variety of appetizers and each item was tasty and reminded me of the tapas we had in Barcelona. I’d itemize them but I don’t think you can go wrong here so order one of each and share. My personal recommendation would be the Oysters drizzled with Galician Escabeche dressing. It’s fresh, tasty, and perfect for a fancy, light appetizer.

Fresh Oysters Drizzled with Galician Escabeche

I also tried the Seafood Curry Symphony which had an assortment of different seafood in a light, creamy, curry sauce. I appreciate that each bite has subtle hints of curry, cumin, turmeric and chili in it. Terry’s Callos a la Andaluza was out of this world. It was rich but not overly so. It had the classic tomato, onion and pepper sauce. It was intense yet sublime and truly a must-try dish when you visit Terry’s Bistro.

Seafood Curry Symphony

We ended the meal sampling three different desserts: Flan de la Abuela, Marquesa de Chocolate, and Tarta Imperial Rusa. Everyone’s favourite was the Flan de la Abuela and definitely one of the best flans I’ve had in my life. It’s such a simple dessert made so well and I can tell they put a lot of loving into it.

Flan de la Abuela

The wine list is also great and if you aren’t sure what you want, make sure you ask and talk it out with your bartender or waiter. It’s worth getting the wine right and here you will, so long as you don’t settle for guessing.

Sauvignon Blanc

All in all, an overwhelmingly positive experience. Terry’s Bistro is a great spot, small, cozy, and very intimate. This is as authentic as I’ve gotten to Spanish food in Manila.

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