CruisingxZomato #TravelForFood – Shrimp Bucket

Was invited by my good friends at Zomato PH to join the 9th Leg of the CruisingxZomato TASTE #TravelForFood event that was held at one of their partner restaurants–Shrimp Bucket.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

First off, can I just say that I love Shrimp Bucket? This place lived up to all of my expectations and I left wanting more (Although my stomach would not physically let me, LOL.).  I loved their Buffalo Chicken Wings. The skin was super crispy and drenched in a sweet-spicy Buffalo sauce. So savoury and tasted even better when I dipped it in the Bleu Cheese sauce.

Shrimps by the Pound in Salted Eggsperience Sauce

For this review, I am advocating for Bags By The Pound–you seriously can’t go wrong. We got the shrimps with Shrimp Bucket‘s signature ‘Salted Eggsperience’ and ‘The Mardi Gras’ sauces. Just loved it! Everything was quite tasty and fresh and the sauces were so delicious. The Salted Eggsperience sauce was heaven-in-my-mouth and it coated the shrimps so well. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Just FYI, the Seafood are sold by the pound, so be aware.

Shrimps by the pound in The Mardi Gras Sauce

Service was pretty good, it gets busy during lunch and dinner but the servers are polite. They come around and check on drinks for refills which gives you the chance to order extra if you need too.

Remember if you come here, you MUST wear the bib. Be prepared to eat with your hands and get dirty! This place will leave you satisfied and coming back for more.

**Many thanks to Manila Bulletin and Zomato PH for this wonderful experience. | Featured poster is owned by Manila Bulletin.

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