Feature: Zuni Restaurant & Wine Bar

Zuni Restaurant & Wine Bar‘s warm and charming atmosphere is really impressive. I think the incongruity with its surroundings even adds to the charm because you don’t expect it. The interior is reminiscent of a modern, upscale French restaurant.

Our waiter was knowledgeable and gave us recommendations on the food. We started our dinner with some appetizers. The Oysters Rockefeller were a lightened, modern interpretation of the classic dish, and were perfectly savory without being too heavy. The Bruschetta was nice with the olives. I’m not a fan of olives normally but it worked well with the sweet tomatoes and aromatic basil of the Bruschetta.

My Spaghetti, Shrimp & Langoustine Arrabiatta Pasta was perfectly al dente and had the right spice. I thought the Baked Assorted Seafood could’ve used more salt and thankfully, the table salt was there to do just that.

Pink Pepeprcorn-Crusted Lapu Lapu Fillet

For my entree, I ordered the Pink Peppercorn-Crusted Lapu-Lapu in Cognac sauce and it did not disappoint. Imagine chewing on a fluffy cloud packed with bold flavours–it was like eating the most delicious air!  For dessert, I had the Coffee Crunch Souffle and it was phenomenal!

Coffee Crunch Souffle

Aside from these, Zuni also has an amazing raw oyster selection, great wine list, and top-notch meat dishes. Prices are reasonable and the salads are huge, you can share one.

Mint-Apple Mojito

The quality of the food is high and the portions are just right. You can’t go wrong here. Anything on the menu is perfectly put together with great care. Ingredients are simple but dishes are complex in their simplicity. Prices are great for the quality and portion of what you get. I highly recommend Zuni to anyone visiting Greenbelt or Makati area.

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